SwyftMart Return and Refund Policy

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Return Policy

Definition: 'Return' is defined as the action of giving back the item purchased by the Buyer from SwyftMart website. Following situations may arise:

We encourage the Buyer to review the listing before making the purchase decision. In case Buyer orders a wrong item, Buyer shall not be entitled to any return/refund. On certain select days as specified by SwyftMart separate policies may be applicable. Further for returns being made by Buyer, the following parameters needs to be ensured by the Buyer: Clothing and Footwear - Should be "New and Unworn" (other than for trial) Beauty, Health and Personal Care - Should be "New and Unopened" Sports and Equipment - Should be "New" and returned with original packaging Office Products - Should be "New" and returned with original packaging Jewelry - Should be "New" and returned with original packaging If the product being returned is not in accordance with the above parameters, then Buyer shall not be entitled to any refund of money.


Definition: Replacement is the action or process of replacing something in place of another. A Buyer can request for replacement whenever he is not happy with the item, reason being Damaged in shipping, Defective item, Item(s) missing, wrong item shipped and the like. Points to be noted: Seller can always accept the return irrespective of the policy. If Seller disagrees for a return request, Buyer can file a dispute under Buyer Protection Program*. Buyer need to raise the replacement request within 10 days from the date of delivery of products. Once Buyer has raised a replacement request by contacting Us on the Toll Free Number provided on the Website. Once the replacement request has been raised, the following steps shall be followed: 1. Buyer is asked for "Reason for Return". Among others, the following are the leading reasons: Shipping was damaged Item was defective Item Dead on Arrival Item(s) were missing Wrong item sent 2. An intimation shall be provided to Seller seeking either "approval" or "rejection" of the replacement request. 3. In case the Seller accepts the replacement request, Buyer shall be required to return the product to the Seller and only after return of the product, Seller shall be obliged to provide the replacement product to the Buyer. 4. Incase Seller rejects the replacement request, Buyer can choose to raise a dispute by writing to resolution@SwyftMart.com. In case the Seller doesn't have the product at all, Seller can provide the refund to the Buyer and Buyer shall be obligated to accept the refund in lieu of replacement. All the product parameters shall be required to be complied with in cases of replacement. If the Seller doesn't respond to the Buyer's replacement request, within three (3) days from the date of replacement request placed by the Buyer, refund shall be processed in favour of Buyer and Seller shall be liable to refund amount paid to the Seller. All shipping and other replacement charges shall be borne and incurred by the Seller.

Exchange Policy

On Clothing we accept 30 day exchange subject to the following conditions:

Disputes via Chargeback

Whenever a chargeback (CB) comes from a payment gateway/bank, following situations may arise: 1. Item not received CB - Buyer hasn't received the item. Refund will be created in accordance with the dispute policies 2. Unauthorized CB - Buyer hasn't made this particular transaction. Refund will be created in accordance with the dispute policies. Seller expressly agrees that issuing the correct and complete invoice is the sole and primary responsibility of the Seller. Furthermore, Seller shall ensure that invoices state "Powered by SwyftMart" and failing to do so Seller will be liable for chargebacks (as applicable). 3. Item not as described - meaning item is not what Buyer expected. Dispute will be decided in accordance with the dispute policies.


Following products are not be eligible for return or replacement: